Crushin' It

Who We Are

Crushin' It is a program of New Beginnings - a Seattle based organization serving survivors of domestic violence and their children, and working to end intimate partner violence through community education and prevention. For over a decade, we have been going into schools and talking with young people about all things relationships - gender stereotypes, consent, establishing boundaries, healthy dating habits, recognizing abusive behaviors, helping friends experiencing dating abuse, and more!


The Crushin' It healthy relationships curriculum is typically facilitated with middle and high school aged students in a classroom setting. Due to COVID-19, we are making efforts to adapt some of our content and make it accessible to teens who want to learn more about healthy relationships, check in on the health of their own relationships, and support friends who are experiencing dating violence.


We encourage educators and parents to check out our materials and share them with the young people in their lives! Much of our content is interactive and can be a great conversation starter for families. It can also be used as supplemental content for high school health units on dating relationships and consent. Many interactive quizzes and educational tools can be found under Learn/Activities! You may also want to check out our page for parents, as well as 100 Conversations for ideas on broaching these important topics with your children or students!

Three teen girls resting their heads on one another and smiling. The girl in the middle is holding up a peace sign.
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