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Flirting vs. Sexual Harassment

So you like somebody and want to see if they like you back? Flirting is healthy, normal and fun. But it can also be confusing. Especially, because everyone has different boundaries and ideas about what they find flattering and what feels harmful or scary.


When you're flirting with someone you don't know well, it's important to play it safe. Be respectful. Take things slow. And pay attention to how they're responding. If it seems like they are uncomfortable, stop what you're doing and check in. Remember, consent is everything!


So how can you tell if something is flirting or sexual harassment? Check out the flow chart and examples below!

This is a page from the Crushin' It zine used in schools. This flow chart helps students think about how sexual harassment and flirting feel different. Does an interaction make you feel empowered, flattered and in control? Or do you feel demeaned, objectified, ugly, or unsafe? How is your self esteem?

From Crushin' It session on flirting vs. sexual harassment.

Are the following scenarios flirting or sexual harassment?

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